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(317) 207-2101
1298 E US Hwy 136, Suite D, Pittsboro, Indiana 46167

 Automotive Repair & Service 

Personalized Automotive Care

We take our time.

We do the work correctly and completely.

Our relationship with the customer is more important than turning a quick buck.

Our job isn't to fix your car; it is to gain and maintain your trust. 


What we do:

Check engine light? Brakes grinding? Time for a service?


Our facility has the equipment and technicians to address just about any automotive concern you may have.

Your brand new RS7? Your old '63 Falcon? 

We would love to help!


Our Bread and Butter

Astro Autosport is Indianapolis' premier service center for all Mazda Miatas or MX-5s.

We build them. We race them. We keep them on the road. 



Astro Autosport

1298 E US Hwy 136, Suite D

Pittsboro, Indiana 46167


Monday - Friday

8am - 5pm

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